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CubeCamp - IT studio based in Riga, Latvia. We deliver projects that bring value, always on time.

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Our Services

Business Analysis


Got an idea?

We will ensure that business need is correctly translated into technical tasks and help manage the project to reduce risks and make sure you receive a solution that solves the problem.

  • Market research
  • Requirements analysis
  • System architecture
  • Solution validation
Audit & Consulting


Launching a new project?

Business and IT are speaking different languages. Make sure your employees understand the goals you are trying to achieve and that correct tools are selected for the task.

  • Project Management
  • Process Analysis
  • Solution Implementation
  • Code audit


Ready to fire?

We are professionals. Starting from the idea - we will deliver the solution and help to integrate it into your existing infrastructure.

  • Complex solutions
  • Mobile development
  • Server-side application
  • Blockchain